Huntington’s Disease Genetic Counseling & Testing From the Comfort of your Couch

(or Wherever You Choose)

HD Genetics understands that the decision to pursue genetic testing for Huntington’s disease (HD) can be difficult. We offer you the ability to undergo genetic counseling and testing with a licensed HD genetics expert from the comfort & convenience of your own home! HD Genetics also offers options to test under a concealed identity for individuals who wish to test anonymously.


GENETIC TESTING AVAILABLE IN 43 STATES (available in all states except those listed below)

(AL, ME, NH, NM, RI, UT, VT – we are currently waiting for licensure to order testing in these states. Applications are pending, but not approved yet. Some exceptions exist & these states will all be available soon so feel free to reach out to us for no-cost counseling & we can provide an update)


For 25 years, since my Mom was diagnosed with HD, I’ve done everything I could to support the HD community. Unfortunately, I kept learning about the many issues that still existed when it came to the difficult decision to undergo genetic testing. I created HD Genetics to eliminate these problems and make sure everyone who underwent genetic testing received the best possible experience from start to finish. I look forward to helping every single person who is in need!

B.J. Viau (View) – Founder of HD Genetics