Below is feedback we’ve received from our clients after going through the full HD Genetics process. We listed every single person’s feedback who filled out our post results survey, so don’t think we just picked our favorites :). Thank you to everyone for the feedback and for trusting us throughout your testing journey.

This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make and I don’t know if I could have done it without Wes and HD Genetics. I am so grateful I found them through a Huntington’s thread on Reddit! Thank you all so much for the resources and support! – January 2023

HD Genetics has been great! Wes worked with me on this and he was wonderful! Called on time every time. Very nice & understanding. I’m so grateful for this company and all the people Involved. – January 2023

I feel it was easy to get answers and an understanding of what to expect. I’m blessed to have found you guys. – January 2023

I thank HD Genetics for everything that it offers. The testing and counseling services were excellent. I’m deeply grateful. – December 2023

I felt overwhelmed by the testing process through the area Centers of Excellence’s, the amount of hoop jumping involved, and the rigid cookie-cutter vibe of it. This may be the best course for some people, but it caused me more stress on top of what I was already dealing with. The team at HD Genetics made it all feel much easier and more comfortable. They offered support individualized to my family’s needs and continued that support after we learned our results. I even received help in covering the cost of my test. In an otherwise extremely difficult time, HD Genetics made the testing process easy, and I am grateful for test results that changed my life for the better. Wes is truly wonderful to work with! – December 2023

Kind, patient and caring serving a unique group of families. Thank you for making it simple and clear for testing. – November 2023

HD Genetics is a wonderful service that made the genetic testing process much more palatable. I received reassurance and support throughout my journey and recommend anyone who suffers from or is at risk for HD to seek out HD Genetics as a resource. -October 2023

I was very pleased with the process. It was so much easier to do this from home over a center that’s over an hour away and required multiple in person appointments. Wes was kind and empathetic during the counseling and results. I really like how the results session has a follow up to allow processing. The cost was reasonable and I was able to use my HSA. The resources provided were really helpful as well. – October 2023

Wes and BJ are knowledgeable and experienced HD advocates who make the testing process HD-friendly. In a world of complex, confusing healthcare, HD Genetics provides a tailored, patient focused approach to genetic testing. I am glad HD Genetics was available for me and if I went through the process again, there’s no doubt HD Genetics would be my choice to deliver my results. – October 2023

The whole process was very professional and Wes has a way of putting you at ease and not rushed, and all the services they offer are incredible!! – September 2023

Getting tested through HD Genetics made me confident I was getting the right answers and resources for any questions I might have. It also made me feel more comfortable and more supported getting tested, knowing I was working with people who have experience with Huntington’s disease rather then a generic doctor. – September 2023

I truly do not have words to express my gratitude. Thank you doesn’t cover nearly enough the absolute care you showed us during this whole process. You and your team treated both of us with respect, care and compassion that no person who only knew us via internet and phone conversations ever should! You obviously saw tears of joy last night that will be remembered for a lifetime, a lifetime free of fear and doubt from Huntingtons. You will forever be remembered by us for this. Truly the best news we will ever get for the remainder of of our lives and you, your team, and the lab are to thank for it. This removed a generation of fear from the kids that are already involved, and the ones to come later. 

HD Genetics has provided so much support to and for my family in our HD Journey. I cannot express my deepest gratitude’s to the people who have handled our cases and continued their efforts.

HD Genetics made the testing process easy. From the first meeting to the delivering the results, they were professional and compassionate. They truly care about their customers and the HD community. I can’t recommend HD Genetics enough.

I highly recommend using HD Genetics for your testing journey. The support and help I got from them truly made this experience so much easier to digest. I felt completely comfortable and secure trusting HD Genetics with my personal information. The support before and after receiving my results was fantastic!

My Neurologist recommended HD Genetics to me for counseling and testing. The entire process with HD Genetics was incredible. They were very responsive and informative. The counselors were very kind, compassionate and so helpful

Because I got my DNA test through HD genetics I did not have to wait 6 more months to see a neurologist and am doing accommodations at work to help me work as long AS I can with less problems

I am so grateful for the services of HD Genetics. The period between knowing I might have HD and getting my results was one of the most difficult of my lifetime — for me and my family. There was the uncertainty of the future and also the tendency to imagine the worst. During this trying time, my experience with HD Genetics was a bright spot. Once I discovered that anonymous testing was even possible, they became the obvious choice due to both the cost and the seriousness of their enterprise (even my local HD Center of Excellence supported the decision). The website and materials were incredibly clear about the services offered and the process. There were no surprises. The staff were a fount of knowledge and incredibly professional. Having the testing and results process be easy, transparent, and affordable was the greatest gift. Thank you for making this service available and for supporting the HD community.

HD Genetics was a breathe of fresh air! I’ve always heard horror stories about the testing process based on experiences from some of my family members. This was 1 of the reasons I was hesitant to even get tested. Wes Solem was very knowledgeable and supportive during the entire process. Though the results I received were not “Ideal,” I took comfort in the fact that I didn’t feel like I was doing this alone. HD Genetics also provided some great resources to help guide us through the next steps. Thanks again!

Everyone was so helpful and supportive. It was very easy to get the testing and the results. It took me over a year to get an answer before I found them. Once I found them I got my results within a month! Amazing service and everyone who needs to know if they have HD should use this service.

I began my genetic counseling with an HD Center of Excellence, but switched to HDgenetics after finding out about it from Reddit. After a quick survey, I quickly scheduled an interview with Wes. The genetic counseling was equally as thorough and informative as the Center of Excellence. The convenience of completing virtual counseling and an inexpensive at-home saliva test made the process go very quickly. My results came back within 3 weeks and they were comprehensive; including my CAG numbers and scientific data about Huntington’s Disease. I would absolutely recommend HDgenetics and have already to my extended family who is also beginning the testing process. Testing with HDgenetics made me and my husband more comfortable with the idea of genetic testing. We’re really grateful for this service 

Easy counciling and testing process. Fair price. Expected timeline was met. No complaints.

I didn’t know Huntington disease even existed until my brother was diagnosed 2 months ago. I was told that I also had a 50 percent chance of having this mutated gene from my father. I began doing diligent research and discovered HD genetics by pure chance. I reached out and filled out an online survey. They got back to me immediately and have been absolutely phenomenal. Wes and Erin have to give people a possible life ending result daily, but they do it with such professionalism and grace, and that really puts you at ease. I did test positive, but I am at peace with that. I can make good choices, now that I am informed, regarding my future. I have an amazing support person in my husband and we are prepared for whatever comes out way. My daughter is now getting tested with HD Genetics. My main reason for me wanting to get tested is because my children are at risk now, and they are at the age where they may be wanting to have children. I would love nothing more then for me to be the last person in my family at has this, but if they do have it as well- there are resources for having HD negative children. This was amazingly easy process that I didn’t even have to leave home for. They mail you the saliva kit and you mail it right back in their prepaid envelope. I would very highly recommend them if you are seeking answers.

Wes and BJ are so genuine and authentic in their delivery of the complicated world of Huntington’s Disease. They are welcoming to all questions and emotions that overwhelm you while trying to understand the disease. Every question, no matter how simple, was held in high regard and with equal importance! Their sincerity in their quest to counsel, comfort, and educate resonates during all conversations. The information goes beyond self coping skills, it transforms into assisting others on the same treacherous path. While I was blessed to have good results, the fact remains that most of us still have families that are affected; which is why we were tested. The continued genuine concern from Wes and BJ has been pivotal in facing HD from the side of a care giver! I feel empowered just knowing I can call on them with questions in my future! If you want those who truly understand Huntington’s Disease, and are caring, knowledgeable and most current on medial interventions then BJ and Wes are the people you want leading your path! Each walk is different but they are prepared for your own beginning steps to guide your path! I am so thankful that God led me to HDGenetics!

Our experience with HD Genetics was outstanding. Wes and BJ made this experience as easy as possible. They do everything so thoughtfully, carefully, and the entire experience is centered around your wants and needs. They have a wealth of knowledge and go out of their way to make sure that you have everything you need! I would a million times over recommend HD Genetics to anyone!

Caring, knowledgeable and compassionate service. Thank you for helping me navigate through this daunting process.

I am so thankful for being so picky with my resting process and had a hard time. From my experience of trying to get tested anonymously it was so hard and felt so scary. HD genetics asked every question and prepared my husband and I so well. It is so clear that HD genetics was made by our community and it will change so many lives for the better, making sure they are not alone and not forgotten about after your results. They prepare you to feel confident in your decision no matter what the outcome is. They provided us with a safe place during the hardest moment of our entire life. We are forever grateful that we chose HD Genetics. If you are on the fence about testing, they ask you the questions to give you clarity. If you want to test anonymously but get the respect and answers you are looking for HD genetics will help you.